Crieff Community Website

Welcome to, the community website for Crieff in the heart of Strathearn. It’s a space for local people and groups to tell others about what they’re doing, and to find out what’s going on in the town and surrounding area.

  • Like to know what’s on locally?
  • Looking for a plumber, a dentist or a hairdresser?
  • New to Strathearn and would like to know what groups/societies/clubs are available for you or your children?
  • Like to be kept up-to-date, maybe even get involved in local projects?
  • Organising an event, or looking for volunteers for a local project?

Here’s where you will find all this information – in one place! If you live or work in Crieff and Strathearn, this is your website.

You can also find us on our new f_logo Community Page at: Heart of Strathearn.  Some things are easier and faster to post there than on this website ~ although we will try to ensure that most of our Facebook posts are duplicated here, on, as soon as possible.
[For those of you who may not yet have entered into the ‘world of Facebook’, you should be able to see recent posts (and follow weblinks) without having signed-up to create a Facebook ‘entity’ or ‘profile’.]

Again, this is your Community Page ~ so please visit, browse, comment and/or post.

If you have some information that you’d like the rest of Crieff and Strathearn to know about, get in touch with us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it